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Daily care

Jelly Beans comprises a large open air room with a secure outdoor space

The atmosphere at Jelly Beans is fun, relaxed and informal, with specific areas for:

Practical life: offering exercises hich link home and nursery, with tasks that they may see carried out in the home, for example polishing, doing up buttons, packing a suitcase, sorting and laying a table and more.

Language: story time and singing is carried out at each session with plenty of opportunities to read and write.

Sensorial: to promote learning through the senses, this area is full of exercises to help children sort, match, compare and grade objects by shape, size, touch, taste and sound.

Mathematics: to acqure number sklls and develop early counting competency

Outdoor classfoom: for free play with a series of activities designed to encourge exploration.

Cooking, music and movement, yoga, drama, forest school and art and craft activities are regular parts of the pre-school week.


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